A series of Polarity sessions may result in profound results such as:

~  Induce deep relaxation

~  Reduce stress

~  Bring healing energy to imbalances

~  Improve clarity

~  Increase awareness

~  Define the message behind an illness  

~  Improve alignment and posture  

~  Center you  

~  Reconnect you with your sense of spirit  

~  Improve creativity  

It is YOU who heals yourself.  Polarity assists that process, giving you a relaxed and supportive space to become aware of how your energy manifests and the shifts you can make in your life to align it with your life's purpose. HEALING HAPPENS when these shifts start to take place.


Polarity is a natural health care system based on the human energy field. This alternative therapy works through the rebalancing of the body's electromagnetic patterns which are expressed as our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual experiences. It is based on the work of Randolph Stone, DO, DC, ND (1890-1981) who taught that the condition of the human energy field is the underlying reality beneath both symptoms of disease and health. Polarity incorporates touch, movement, diet from an energetic perspective, and improved awareness through communication processes to stimulate and balance the body's fields. The goal is to achieve a greater sense of wholeness.... Healing is a natural by-product.

Our Polarity Therapist, Lisa Megidesh's  Article on Polarity Therapy published in Alternative & Complementary Therapies, The Journal of the Society of Integrative Medicine. Vol. 7, No. 5, October 2001.


Polarity sessions can be deeply relaxing, revitalizing and educational depending on a client's needs. Sessions are done fully clothed, in a relaxing environment, often lying on a bodywork table for hands-on work, to get the energy moving and to re-balance the fields. Touch, at specific points, can be gentle, deep or light, moving or still, and on or off the body. Often there is music on in the background. Other parts of the session may include educational information on holistic lifestyles, instruction in polarity exercises, or processing of thoughts or feelings which arise during the session. The session can be from 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours long. The benefits are most often experienced through a series of at least 8-10 sessions. Please note: Lisa Megidesh's healing sessions are for woman only, unless referred by a colleague.

POLARITY may be helpful in any healing process, since it deals with the core energetic imbalance underlying all health problems. However, Polarity is not a substitute for supervised medical care. Lisa will consult with your physician as needed.  Lisa has effectively worked with clients with the conditions listed below.

~  Stress Related Symptoms

~  Pregnancy & Post Partum

~  PMS & Menopausal Symptoms

~  Cancer

~  Depression & Fatigue

~  Sciatic Pain & Chronic Pains

~  Insominia

~  Respiratory Problems & Athletic Induced Asthma

~  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome &  Arthritis

~  Pre & Post Surgery

~  Major Life Changes, Spiritual Growth & Health Maintenance

Insurance Matters

Polarity therapy health-care benefits are not available through health insurance carriers at this time.



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