Kelly Megna, BS, CNC

Certified Nutrition Consultant

Holistic Performance & Weight Loss Nutritionist


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Bachelor of Science - Food and Nutrition - Framingham State University


Natural Healing Institute - Graduate of Holistic Nutrition Program

Nutrition Internship - Marlborough Hospital

Nutrition Internship - New Horizons Retirement Community

Nutrition Internship - Longfellow Sports Club Wayland 



Kelly’s background is in Nutrition and is deeply rooted in the Holistic approach. After graduating with her degree in Food and Nutrition, Kelly’s plan was to further her studies in conventional nutrition until she fell ill and was stopped in her tracks. When conventional doctors and medicine had no answers for her she used her knowledge of nutrition and took it a step further to study how whole foods can heal. In her opinion, using natural foods and meditation practices to heal herself is Kelly’s biggest accomplishment thus far. She now has found her path as a Holistic Healer and can sympathize with others who have given up hope and see no end to their illnesses.

Kelly also uses food to enhance beauty and for toxic weight loss. 


It was the father of medicine, Hippocrates, who said "Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food."