Insurance Coverage




Health Insurance, Automobile Personal Injury Insurance and Worker's Compensation Insurance can be difficult and complicated for the average person to understand and deal with. We understand this difficulty and frustration. The director of Longfellow Health Center has over 30 years experience dealing with all forms of insurance coverage and can help you navigate your way through the insurance maze. With the multitude of insurance companies and each having a multitude of insurance plans, it is impossible to make a general statement of coverage for each of our services. Therefore, we recommend that you call our office with your insurance card in hand. We will take some vital information from you, contact your insurance company and then return your phone call with the specifics on your plan and coverage for a specific service:

Massage Therapy
Physical Therapy
Nutritional Counseling

Unfortunately, the following Longfellow Health Center services are not covered by health insurance plans, therefore, we do not accept assignment with them:

   ~ Polarity

   ~ Reiki

   ~ Reflexology

We ask that payment be made, in full, at the time service is rendered. On receipt of payment and when requested, we can provide the patient with a printed copy of a statement of your account.


We are providers with and accept over 100 insurance companies.  Shown below is a sampling some of the common companies with whom we work:


Blue Cross Blue Shield

Cigna OrthoNet

Cigna CareLink with Tufts

Commonwealth Indemnity/GIC

Great West Benefit Services

Harvard Pilgrim HealthCare







Motor Vehicle Related insurances

Workers Compensation